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Patient Participation Group

Patients are at the heart of all our activity and the hub of healthcare. Their viewpoint is an important part of the development of general practice. 

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) comprises patients, doctors and practice staff who communicate at regular intervals to consider ways of making a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by a GP Practice to its patients. A summary of how PPGs make a difference has been produced by the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) and is available HERE

Each PPG has a Committee including doctors, staff and patients who meet quarterly, currently online.

The overall aims of the Committee are to:

  • Improve communication between the GP Practice and its patients

  • Provide practical support for the GP Practice and help to implement change

  • Help patients take more responsibility for their health

If you are interested in joining the Patient Participation Group for your own GP Practice, follow the links below to find out how you can join:

Beaconsfield Medical Practice
The Haven Practice
Preston Park Surgery
Stanford Medical Centre
Warmdene Surgery


Once you are a member of a Practice PPG, you are welcome to join the Preston Park Community PCN PPG that covers all patients and GP Practices within the PCN.

Click here to Join the Preston Park Community PCN Patient Participation Group


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